May 19, 2017

The graduation schedule is as follows:
Tues/Thurs: Graduation will be in the preschool classroom at 10:00. Light refreshments will follow. If you would like to bring anything to contribute to the treats after graduation, we would love for you to do so! The kids will then be having recess and art/play time until 12:30 when students will be dismissed to attend the school picnic with their families. If you would like to leave with your child after graduation, you are welcome to do so!
Wed: Wednesday graduation will be at 9:15 in the gym with Mrs. Albertson’s Kindergarten class. We will have light refreshments afterward in the classroom (again, we welcome parents to contribute treats if they would like to do so). The kids will have recess and a few activities until 12:30 when they will be dismissed to attend the school picnic with their families. If you do not want to stay and would like to go home with your child after the graduation, you are welcome to do so!
For those students that attend multiple days: 
Children that attend Tues/Thurs will have their graduation on Thursday
Children that attend Tues/Wed or Wed/Thurs will have their graduation on Wednesday
Reminder that we are having our end of year field trip to JNP Ranch on June 5th! I can’t wait to see you all there! 
Rachel Langlois

Dec 16, 2016

Have a wonderful Winter Break and we will see you back at school on January 3rd!

 (Winter Break dates are Dec. 16-Jan. 2)


September 19, 2016

ANNOUNCEMENT: October 4,5,6 we will be joining Cloverleaf in field week at the Mac. Cost for our students is $4 a piece per day. If you would like your child to participate, please leave the money for me in a separate envelope at preschool sign-in, labeled with your name and days your child is attending. We would also like 1-2 parent chaperones per day, so if you are willing to help chaperone, I will waive the $4 fee for you and your child! We will all meet at the Mac that week at 9:30 (you will need to drop your student off) and pick-up will be at 1:00. Pick-up will also be at the Mac. The $4 is a highly discounted rate, and I hope you will take advantage of this fun activity for your kids! We will be using the trampolines, learning about fitness, using different baseball/tennis/etc courts, playing on the playground, and walking the incline. I have walked the incline with small kiddos before, and they’ve all loved it, but please let me know if you have any concerns about your child walking the incline. *Money should be turned in to me no later than Thursday of next week for this activity.


September 1, 2016

Happy September, parents! The start of preschool is a milestone that’s often anticipated with great excitement and joy, but also with lots of crying, uncertainty, and heel digging- from both kids and parents! 😉 Here are some tips for you and your child to ease the separation anxiety and to successfully start this new adventure -together and apart!

  1. Try to keep your goodbyes short and sweet so that your child knows what to expect but doesn’t prolong your departure. When you pick him/her up at the end of the day, reinforce the idea that you came back, just like you said you would. This way, each day’s drop-off won’t feel like you’re both starting teary and upsetting goodbyes all over again.
  2. It also helps to know what techniques you use at home to calm a child down when she/he is feeling upset or anxious so we can try to replicate those techniques in the classroom.
  3. Kids can pick up on your mood, so if you’re nervous and anxious when you drop your child off, he/she will likely take on your attitude. Remain calm and be upbeat, even if you don’t feel 100 percent cheerful. But if your little one does pick up on your worries, just continue to provide him with reassurance. Remind your child that you will always return and that there are people at school to keep him safe. Always remember that starting preschool is a positive step for both you and your little pupil.

“Just know that as you drive away, and tears down your cheeks may flow, I’ll love him as I would my own, and help him learn and grow. So please put your mind at ease, and cry those tears no more. For I will love him and take him in, when you leave him at my door.”

All our love,

Miss Rachel and Miss Amber


August 23-25, 2016

First Days of Preschool!

We had so much fun making new friends and learning about preschool last week.  Take a look at the blog to see some pictures and find out what we did on our first days at school.


August 16, 2016

Welcome to Cloverbud Preschool! Cloverbuds is a great place for your preschoolers to learn in a fun and safe environment, and to prepare for entrance in to Kindergarten. Have a look around and feel free to send any questions to http://www.cloverbudspreschool@gmail.com.